New Yorkers know, walking is more than a means to an end, it's a competitive sport. Between dodging tourists and speeding through crosswalks, your eyes remain locked on the prize and your surroundings disappear into quotidian oblivion. 
This series aims to portray the aesthetic character of five main crosstown streets in NYC. It is a product of slow walks and curious traveling eyes. A textural survey, not of landmarks, but of the lesser noticed landscape that makes each place unique. 
The photos are stitched together in long horizontal assemblages that mimic the grid-like design of the city. Viewed from left to right, they resemble the structure of short films, each with their own beginning, middle and end. Their story arches reflecting the visual diversity and idiosyncrasies of the neighborhoods they traverse.
57th St 
42ns St
34th St
23rd St
14th St