To tease the collaboration between Google and one of the world’s greatest living artists, we invited a few of Jeff Koons friends to take part in his first social media art piece.
The Gazing Ball Tour created included the likes of Bono, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus posing with Koons’s famous sculpture. The posts spurred a flood of speculation and conspiracy theories ahead of the launch.
On launch day, we revealed the cases which are inspired by Koons’s “Gazing Ball” sculpture series and come with his first live-action video artwork. In it, we worked with Koons to recreate twenty eight moments from the classic “Swan Lake” for the case's companion live wallpaper. 
Snapping on the case also unlocks a digital collection of original artworks, thoughts and inspirations created by Koons and sent directly to your phone. The first piece of the collection is a short video in which Jeff himself teaches you how to make a balloon swan. 
The balloon swan video was also used to promote the collaboration on YouTube.

Lucky case owners also get a chance to listen to an audio tour in which Jeff himself talks about his creation. Each Jeff Koons Live Case is individually numbered on the inside, but only mine is signed "with love". Sorry.