There’s hardly anything more personal than what’s on our phones. But the metal and glass phones we carry around don’t do much to reflect who we are. My Live Case is a customization tool we created to let anyone design their own smart case for Nexus phones.

Pick a photo or a favorite place on Google Maps, choose a style and you’re done. Snap your case on and see its design come to life on your phone’s screen with the companion live wallpaper.
To launch My Live Case, we produced five fifteen-second spots and a thirty-second anthem that ask the simple question—what's your phone saying about you? 
Dog :15

Skate :15

Map :15

Baby :15

Wedding :15

Make your own Live Case :30

We wanted the customized cases to become not just a reflection of their owners but also a conversation starter in real life. The campaign's creative device of people holding their personalized phones in front of their faces was also used in posters and in social media.
Instagram influencers adopted the creative device.

The Photos Live Case turns your wallpaper into a customizable picture gallery and the Places Live Case fills your screen with a stylized map of your current location matching the design of your case.
My Live Case demo

"Google is pushing the boundaries of what a case can do to and with your phone, and is obviously committed to a deep sense of personalization and identity with phones." Wired
"Google Just Released The Coolest Phone Case." Refinery29
"I Need a Nexus Phone Just For These Infinitely Customizable Cases". Gizmodo
"Did you make that??" Mom