Google Editions is a series of creative collaborations to develop limited-edition smart cases for Android phones—we called them, Live Cases. Each Live Case is a ticket to exclusive content created together with the artist. To launch the program, we partnered with Grammy-winning producer, Skrillex.
The three Skrillex Live Case designs produced were inspired by his lifelong fascination with space. They all come with a companion live wallpaper that is activated when you snap the case on your phone.

To create the live wallpaper, we launched a custom satellite into the stratosphere. The stunning images of Earth—and occasional alien sightings—appear on your screen during the day and, at night, it shows visible constellations based on your current location.

The limited-edition Skrillex Live Case was individually numbered and available for only one month. Rolling Stones printed: “Skrillex beams fans to space with trippy phone case, interstellar app”. Wired posted “Google and Skrillex are making phone cases way smarter”. But, most importantly, millions of Skrillex fans called it “Dope”.
Intro video
The Skrillex Live Case with live wallpaper
Wild postings
Live Wallpaper (with occasional UFO sightings)